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She's all blocked!

As I expected, the 100 percent silk yarn doesn't block out as neatly as wool or a wool blend, and I ran short of pins in the process (damn that edging!), so it stretched more on the horizontal axis than the vertical. I may give it a trip under the steam iron before I wear it to tidy up the big feather motifs. But I'm still pretty happy with it.

Edge detail - click on image for a closer look.
I worked tiny, iridescent seed beads into the crochet edging. I'm not sure it was worth it, visually, but they add a touch of weight to the hem. Considering how feather-light this yarn is, that's probably a good thing.

Remember me mentioning that I was running out of yarn? I wasn't kidding. I wound up frogging my gauge swatch to finish the edging. Here's what was left:

(The color in this photo is much closer to true than the others - it's very purple.)

Thanks, everyone, for the companionship and motivation. This got to be a bit of a slog toward the end, and I'm glad I had you all to help spur me on to complete it. I've got a trip this coming week that may include a dressup opportunity, and I'm definitely tucking Peacock Feathers in my luggage.
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